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Ohaidare. We're makin' this place popular again. :]


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Felina Gazawalzwen
Felina Gazawalzwen

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PostSubject: Main Rules   Main Rules EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 3:48 pm

Please Read these rules. If you don't you may be banned.

No Sharing your information or inappropriate pictures
You can share infirmation ex: I live in Texas! Just no detailing such as the city,adress,zip code, etc.

Spam: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Double Posting is also Spam. If you need to include somthing you missed in your post, just click edit and you can put it in.

Multiple Acounts
There is no reason to have more than one acount. If you have more than one it will result in a ban. If you want your username changed just ask an Admin.

This forum is not about popularity. Don't post thread's towards any users to see who's more popular.

You may only advertise other xivio blogs and forums in your signature or the website part of your profile. But links to websites such as, Google searches, youtube, and other sites like these are fine.

Please Put your posts and topics in the right spot or they will be moved or deleted.


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Main Rules
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