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 Role Playing Rules

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Felina Gazawalzwen
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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Role Playing Rules EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 8:17 am

Here are the Roleplaying rules.
If you break them, you will be banned from the forum you broke them in.

No Killing!
You can't go up and stab someone and say they died. It's not fair to them.

No Playing Someone Else
You may NOT say something like this;

Greg: Greg swung at Billy with all his might, but no matter what he did, Billy kept trying.

That's playing someone else's character - it's not fair to them.

Give Your Opponent A Chance
If you are battling someone, give them a chance to attack back! Don't just shoot a guy in the leg! Say something like this;

Greg: Greg aims for Billy's leg and fires.

Billy: Billy rolls out of the way.

See, now that's playing fair.

Character Limit
You may only have ONE character.

Don't Interrupt
Don't just hop in on the RP if it's a dramatic moment.
Say Greg is injured...

Greg: Greg blacks out with blood seeping from his chest.
Billy: Billy walks onto the scene. "What's up guys?"

That's extremely rude. Let the RP get through the dramatic or sad part, THEN make your entrance.

No Invincible Characters
There are to be NO invincible characters.
You don't have to die, but you do have to get hit every once in awhile.
You can't be 'gods' either.

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Role Playing Rules
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